Test a transform..

This page doesn't change anything in the database, but lets you check a transform is working ok.

You can also leave the Transform URL blank - this way you can find out if there is a transform association in the database. If you get either blank results or lots of errors, that probably means the transform association hasn't been set up yet.

If you want to create a new transform, you can either do it manually, following an existing transform (see this V&A one as an example) or use the "transform builder" which is basically just a simple WordPress site set up so that building the xml file is made easier. If you need a login for this, ask Mike

Once you've created your transform file, paste in the (publicly visible) URL to it below and also the URL of an example record you want parsed. If everything works fine, rock on, see below for how to set up the association. If it doesn't, fiddle with your transform until it does...

Right now, the transform file association (ie the link between the transform file and the online database it represents) isn't created automatically. I'll build this at some point but for now just drop me an email with the two urls: 1) the public link to the transform file and 2) the "base" url of the collection


Transform URL:

Data source URL:

Using transform file: http://museumcollections.org.uk/transformbuilder/vam/ (user provided)

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